Company Backgroud
Yano affiliated group is established the modern factory in overseas in November 1995,locating at 304 Industrial Estate where is in the north-east of Bangkok about 170km, with the building space of 14,850 Sq. m, total area is 41,452 Sq. m. In July 1996,YANO affiliated group is started the operation and used the most modern equipments which are the same as using in Japan. For responding with carefulness to needs of the customer, the mother company in Japan sends the best technical specialists to instruct the technique of production and practice for all of quality control. Main products of the company "are the audio instruments, the mechanism of video camera and press parts of" electronics products.
  Company History
Nov 1995 Juridical person registration.
Dec 1995 Ground-breaking Ceremony.
Mar 1996 BOI Permission 1st Project (1183/2539).
July 1996 Factory Opening.
Jan 2001 Injection Factory Established-Opening.
Sep 2002 Injection Factory Extended.
    Press Factory Established-Opening.
Feb 2003 Added Injection,Press Machine.
July 2006 Painting Factory Establish Plan.

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